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helping you collect and reuse your digital content so you can weave your own story

We are still getting things ready, but if you're interested in transmat request an invite


Create status updates, check-ins and photo's

Create your social media content. Cross-post it to sites such as Twitter whilst always having access to reuse it or store it where you want.

Still be part of the conversation

Transmat brings together comments, likes and re-posts from other sites to build a single record of the conversation around your content

screenshot of transmat conversation layout example of a conversation ‐ with a mentions

All your content is automatically copied to your computer

Our Mac App stores all your content in HTML. This format is both readable offline and has true longevity. The HTML contains a full copy of all your data and can be used as a backup

Provides bloggers with access to their social media content

Transmat provides a simple API to help you reuse your own content. Just add ‘/json’ to the end of the web address of any content.

Reclaim your social content

Import your full twitter content using twitter’s archive file.

The people behind transmat

Glenn Jones @glennjones

Designer, coder and data portability explorer. One of the founders of Madgex.

photo of Andy Dennis

Andy Dennis @dennisimo

I help people design systems. Nowadays this mostly involves asking silly questions, sketching (with a pen or in code) and acting as a translator between business people, designers and technologists.

photo of Andy Dennis

Danny Hope @yandle

Designer, founder of UX Brighton and co-founder of JS Bin, Danny works with startups to develop interesting new things.

photo of Danny Hope

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